What I pack to stay on track

As I’ve posted before, we are taking a family vacation very soon and as we get closer, I’m starting to stock up on some helpful things to help me stay on track while away. Don’t get me wrong, I will be enjoying a few nice meals and a few glasses of champagne to celebrate our trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary, but I don’t want to fall off the wagon entirely. I’m down a whole 11 lbs since Christmas so I want to keep my momentum going! My problem has always been either going all out as far as completely off my diet, or being strict and missing out on a few indulgences. Now that I practice more of a IIFYM (If it fits your macros) lifestyle, I’m more motivated to live my life but make it fit within my goals.

First things first, I ALWAYS bring my Garmin Forerunner 230. I don’t always track my steps for the day, but I’ve found that having it with me makes me more motivated to go on a run. On vacation, I set a smaller goal for workouts for the week. If I can manage to get 2-3 strength sessions and 2-3 runs for the ten days I’m gone, I’ll be happy. This is a time to spend with my family, so if there are days where laying in the sun seems better for my mental health than sneaking off to the gym, that’s ok with me.

Next, we will hit Costco. Here we can stock up on protein shakes, deli turkey, avocado, yogurt, eggs, fruit, veggies, jerky, and a couple other healthy options for snacks. I’m bringing some rice cakes which are perfect for snacking with peanut butter, avocado with turkey, or even just a laughing cow cheese. That said, I’m bringing a pocket scale so I can be sure to keep my peanut butter portions to what they are supposed to be.

I found this on amazon for 13 bucks! It’s about the size of my palm so it easily fits into my purse or diaper bag. I’m so excited because this makes tracking while away from home SO much easier! Even going somewhere like Chiptole makes it a no brainer to keep your macros on track with having this in my with me.

G2G bars are all natural, so delicious, and very filling. They’re higher on the fat side, about 14 grams, but they leave you very satisfied and feeling full for a long time. I used to really love Quest bars, but got so burnt out on the Splenda-y taste. These will spoil which shows you their ingredients are a bit higher quality than other bars on the market. Larabars are also a favorite of mine along with RX bars.

Individual packets of tuna are CRAZY budget and macro friendly to add to salads, crackers, and you can even pack a couple pieces of Ezekiel bread with you if you prefer.

One of the most important things I’m taking is going to be the app, My Fitness Pal. Everything is trackable. Anywhere you go, you can find the item or something similar. With a mini scale, it’s so easy to weigh it out an item if you are unsure. Now let me end this by explaining that everything in balance. Some days I’m going to weigh my portions and track everything to stay within my macros, and then there are days I’m going to enjoy some macadamia nut pancakes. The pancake days will also most likely be my run days…see, balance! And of course, I can’t leave for a sunny vacay without a good book, my new Bauble Bar chunky necklace and some tea for the flight!

Gotta keep runnin – days until:
The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend 19.3 miles – 115
Ragnar Napa – 179
CIM full marathon – 223
The Dopey Challenge 48.6 miles- 240
Princess Half Marathon 22.4 miles – 289
The Tinkerbell Half Marathon 22.4 miles – 367

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