Back from vacation meal prep and training – Trader Joe’s haul

We are back from our wonderful 10 day Maui vacation! We had the most wonderful time swimming, hiking, lounging, eating, and walking the beaches at sunset. Both Emma and Max could not have been better on the plane and at our fancy dinners and brunches. Not only did Emma color and play with Max on the plane, we didn’t even bring out the iPad once for her! It was nice to see that old school coloring and playing with dolls can keep her entertained for 5 hours on a flight. Hopefully we aren’t too far away from a possible European vacation. Right, Ryan?

(Ignore Emma’s face, she actually DID have fun!)

One treat we made each day in Hawaii was mixing a protein shake we bought from Costco into either some iced esspresso or some lower calorie orange juice. I’m not huge on juices or artificial sugars but every once in a while is totally fine, especially while sitting out in the hot Hawaiian sun! This was so easy to count on as a mid afternoon snack to save calories for our big breakfasts or dinners.

Now that we are back, we have one problem. A big, empty fridge. The first thing we did was to make a big trip to Trader Joe’s for TONS of veggies, some chicken and we even needed milk for our Kodiak Cakes! The horror!

Here are some crazy easy meals I whipped up in under two hours! I have about 16 premade meals sitting in my fridge and I’m all prepared for the week. The trick to losing weight and getting stronger is not to deprive yourself or run yourself ragged. It’s all about consistency and sticking to the plan as best you can. The wonderful thing about meal prep is that once it’s all done, you can basically eat the same thing every day for a few days and you will always know you’re track with your macros and calories. That’s not to say you can’t mix it up, but if you’re someone who needs to have everything organized for a crazy day, it takes out the thinking.

First up is some stir fry veggies, some sauce from Trader Joe’s, mushrooms and some baked chicken on the side. All of this made four meals and I paired it with 5oz of chicken breast on the side.

Next, I baked some butternut squash with a light spray of coconut oil, steamed some green beans and browned some turkey with garlic salt.

I also picked up some premade chicken breast slices for an easy salad, bags of lettuce and these super yummy salad dressings. All of these dressings have about 40 calories per 2 TBSP serving. I even like putting the cilantro one over some rice, veggies and chicken!

Second to last, and INSANELY easy is this – sauteed turkey bacon with cabbage and onions. I need one meal to be higher protein and lower carb because when I wake up at 4:45am or come home at 8:30pm, I don’t need a super carb heavy meal. I like to save my carbs to surround my workouts to keep my energy high before and after. A lot of people are afraid of sodium, like in this dish, but let me tell you that if you drink a lot of water, and you train hard in the gym, you need sodium. Especially now that we are getting into the hot summer months and I’m marathon training, I especially need to remind myself to have some sodium and potassium in my diet.

Last but not least I bought two frozen mashed cauliflower packets and one frozen packet of spiralized frozen carrots to heat up and pair with the chicken I had baked. See how I said I went for simple, quick, and easy? This meal literally took five minutes to thaw and separate into containers. Some weeks you just need to do what you need to survive and if that means buying a ton of frozen veggies and making it into meals, do it! Trader Joe’s is a wonderful resource with a ton of veggies either frozen or fresh that are easy to make quick meals out of. While completely zoning out to “The Real Housewives of New York” while cooking, I forgot to take a picture so the pictures listed are those from the Trader Joe’s website.

I also picked up some of this super yummy seasoning that was perfect on my chicken. I think I’ll even try it on some cod this weekend! I’m not super adventurous when it comes to fish, I usually stick to salmon but I need to broaden my horizons a bit!

I came home to some super happy runner mail. I purchased new Hokas to test out since I’ve been having so much pain. I’m pretty sure my hip pain is due to arching my back while running, thanks to being pregnant. So as I’m trying to strengthen my glutes, core and legs I figure these shoes can help alleviate some of the problem. My Sparkle Athletic sleeves came for my Minnie Mouse running outfit (Dopey 10k day), my blue sparkle skirt (Goofy outfit for Dopey half marathon day) and a gold skirt as well because…sparkles. There really wasn’t a better reason than that!

Now I’m off to train back and get in a quick HIIT session!

Days until –
The Disneyland Half Marathon 19.3 mile challenge – 93
Ragnar Napa – 157
The Dopey 48.6 mile challenge – 218
The Princess 22.4 mile challenge – 267
The Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend – 345

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  1. Kristen, I’m so impressed with your running schedule. I adore your blog and learn something new and helpful every time I read it. You go lady!

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