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Crying over brownies

This has been the worst week of my life. I am confident when I say these words. I have suffered great loss before with my father passing away when I was 4, and then as an adult when I lost my great grandmother (someone who promised me […]

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Coconut flour cinnamon protein pancakes

Late Friday night we got home from our family trip to Nashville. We had a great time hanging out, seeing the Nashville zoo, cooking, and sneaking in a few workouts here and there. My cousin Heather and I got to take a few spin classes at the […]

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Shamrockn’ Half Marathon and mom abs!

This past Sunday my friend, Veronica, and I ran the Shamrockn’ Half Marathon! We had finished this race before in 2013 and it was just as fun as the first time. This time, however, we were clad in our green to show just how festive we felt! […]

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What to eat on an airplane

Next weekend my husband, daughter, and I will be going to Nashville, TN to visit my family. As of right now I’m in constant training mode. When I leave for my flight, I will have just completed The Shamrockin’ Half Marathon in Sacramento, CA. Right after coming […]

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Paleo chocolate coconut muffins and weekly update

I am very happy to say that my hard work is continuing to pay off. I haven’t really cheated or had a good cheat meal in a while because I’ve been seeing results and I have my eye on the prize! My prize being Maui in 10 […]

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The Lucky Run – 7 miler

“How long is your run?” – Ryan “Seven miles” – me “Oh, piece of cake for you!” – Ryan I never really thought anyone would say that about me. But when my husband, Ryan, says things like that I’m usually thinking “who me?” and then I get […]

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Sunday night dinner

Sometimes dinner time is just the worst in our house. Ryan is getting his MBA, so three nights out of the week he’s at school until 9pm. This often means I eat scrambled eggs for dinner, or we eat at 9:30pm. A fact that horrified our recent […]

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3 half marathons and a 15k, before and after

Looking back over my crazy year of running I feel many highs and lows and I’m often in awe at how the body can change from 3, 6, 8, and 11 months postpartum. When you are constantly in good shape endurance wise, you don’t really notice a […]

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A successful week and some new running gear

Today’s victory was celebrated by yet another Sparkle Athletic running skirt. And what is today’s victory you ask? FOUR POUNDS. I’m down another 4 pounds! I’m not on a crazy diet and I’m not killing myself working out like a mad woman either, I’m just eating natural […]

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My life lately

I feel like postpartum confidence, fitness, sanity, etc is all something most moms struggle with. A lot of times I feel it’s very competitive; not necessarily with other women, but with myself. I used to think losing weight was just a math equation. Eat less, work out […]

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