Boot Camp





I have the perfect class for every person who wants to work hard, see actual results, make a change, and make great friends!

“I have always been relatively athletic so I was trying to find something to keep me in shape now that sports are over with for me, but didn’t want to spend the amount a personal trainer costs. Not only is bootcamp with Kristin half the price but you get just as good of a workout and it’s three times a week!! I was only getting one session a week with my old trainer and paying way more. I already have lost 9 pounds in my first month and have lost a pant size as well as noticable definition in my arms and butt. I am sooo glad I joined, and it is really motivating me to watch what I eat, which is easy since along with the training you are given nutrition plans.” Jenna T., New York

Click here to get a quick peek at a circuit from our class!

This class is so much better than just going to the gym. When you’re at the gym, no one is really watching or paying attention to your efforts. Although I don’t yell, I do keep you on track to using your full potential for calorie burn. There is no reason to waste time! Most of my clients see a 4-6 pound difference in their first month. This class has it all: cardio, strength, abs, and good music!

We end the class with our circuit workout of 5-10 difference exercises that we repeat 4 times. Yes you are technically doing strength, but without resting you are also getting in a lot of cardio. Doing this jump starts your metabolism as well as keeps you burning all day long. Boot camp is essentially personal training in a group setting: I teach form, how to breathe, and most of all, how to push yourself. This class is for all ages and sizes and any exercise can be modified to suit your needs!

The best part is that you’re paying so little for personal training! Come on down and try for free and meet some new friends!

It is my job to make sure you are completely satisfied with your workouts. Trust me when I say that I have been in your shoes. I’ve felt hopeless, stuck in a rut, and just at a dead end. Something had to give. When I finally started working out in the way I teach my campers, something changed with my body. All of a sudden I craved a hard workout, I thought of eating as a way to fuel my workouts instead of just eating to be full. The change will and can happen for you! If I can do it then so can you. I am your personal coach 24 hours a day. Text or call me day or night with questions on nutrition, home workouts, or anything else you need. It’s my mission to help you achieve the goals you have, and you deserve to reach them!

-Kristin Walton, Owner


Current schedule is MWF 6-7am

Boot Camp