Personal Training


“”I have been working out with Kristin since January, and trust me it’s hard but so much fun! The best part is, she uses TRX equipment which if you used at any gym would cost hundreds of dollars. She coaches me with nutrition and work outs to do on days when I don’t see her. She’s the only trainer I know who texts motivation, and actually cares about you past the hour that she sees you. The circuit style training has helped me cut fat and inches, I’m now wearing a smaller size than I did in high school! Give her a try, she works with your schedule¬† and has a great fitness studio!” – Valerie S., Sacramento

All of my personal training session are different. Before we start training, I like to meet and discuss goals and the realistic way to achieve those goals. Fitness is not a chore but a way of life, and getting fit should not be an obsession but a passion. During my sessions, I mix cardio and strength circuits so no two session are the same, I implement exercise bands, hand weights, Kettlebells, Val slides and TRX. TRX is a suspension training system that uses body weight to train the body through balance; I also incorporate these into your workouts.

Pricing: I’m currently offering a free consultation. During the consultation we will discuss your fitness goals and come up with a pricing plan that meets your goals. Please contact me to schedule your consultation.

Location: I train my clients independently either at Step One dance studio on 1920 T street or at Fitness Rangers in East Sacramento. In addition, I am completely mobile and can meet you at your house or Local Park. I bring all the equipment necessary to ensure you get a great workout without having to go to the gym.

Please note that extra fees may apply if I train you at your house and you live far away (10 miles + from Sacramento)