Valerie Swanson – 26, Sacramento

“I have been working out with Kristin since January, and trust me it’s hard but so much fun! The best part is, she uses TRX equipment which if you used at any gym would cost hundreds of dollars. She coaches me with nutrition and work outs to do on days when I don’t see her. She’s the only trainer I know who texts motivation, and actually cares about you past the hour that she sees you. The circuit style training has helped me cut fat and inches, I’m now wearing a smaller size than I did in high school! Give her a try, she works with your schedule and will drive anywhere to meet you! I lost 60 pounds working out with her, i’ve changed for the better!”

Valerie Before:                                  Valerie After:


                             Valarie in action

Winnie Tadios – 26, Sacramento

“‘I’ve been going to this boot camp since the first week of January 2010 and I’m very proud to say that I’ve dropped 4 jean sizes, definitely dropped fat and gained muscle and a lot of confidence. I’m the type of person that gets bored real easy with any type of workout and I usually end up hating it within 2 weeks.  I don’t get bored with any of the exercises, I’m always pushing myself and most of all, the coach is very encouraging and never yells at you like other boot camps or like the gym teacher you used to have in high school. Also, the coach knows how to push you when you don’t push yourself which is great. I love it and I recommend it to anyone at any fitness level. The coach will definitely adjust the level of intensity whether a certain exercise is too hard or too easy…but let me tell you this boot camp is not easy, but definitely for everyone.”

Winnie before:                                       Winnie after:

Veronica G – 26, Sacramento

What can I say in just a short amount of space?  Let me start by saying, boot camp saved my life. Sounds cheesy, I know, but I happen to like cheese.  I’m not one to write a testimonial, but I can’t help but support such a great and life-changing tool I’ve been given.  Kristin has helped me in more ways than I could ever express in just a short amount of time.  I am currently entering my 8th week into boot camp and I must say that this process she takes you through is not only a blessing, but becomes a joy in your day.  From the creative workouts, wonderful tunes, and AWESOME company, this boot camp is the best money and time I can honestly say I’ve ever invested.  She offers a great deal to start the program, only because she knows you won’t leave after seeing the 1st month’s benefits you receive inside and out.

My story is long, but in short, I started my process with Kristin as a full on insomniac.  I wasn’t always someone who couldn’t sleep, however, with life’s normal blows to the mind, heart, and soul, my sleep continued to fade.  I remember coming home EXHAUSTED, yet when it was time to shut off my brain into a sweet slumber, I simply couldn’t.  My mind thought about everything and nothing all at the same time.  After nearly 2 years of getting an average of 2-4 hours of sleep per night, I realized that other parts of my life started to become affected by my fatigued state of mind.  Eventually, your body begins to shut down, your brain starts to forget things, and the stress of so many different obstacles in life become overwhelming; which in all caused my restlessness.

YES, we get up early.  YES, it is hard.  But nothing is harder than what I was going through before I started this process with Kristin.  Nothing is harder than the past experiences that caused my sleepless nights and nothing is harder than pretending you can hold it all together.  I believe in it.  In fact, I will be celebrating my 27th birthday this year in boot camp.  Not a bar, (I know, insert criticism here) but BOOT CAMP!

“You can tell me that you CHOOSE to quit. That you CHOOSE to be LESS than what you ARE and LESS than what GOD INTENDED, but DON’T EVER TELL ME that you CAN’T do it.”
-Jillian Michaels

I know it hurts but I’m saving your life right now.
-Bob Harper

Quotes I live by…Thanks again, Kristin!”

Veronica in action!

                         Veronica in action!
 Jennifer G. – Sacramento

In March of last year, I got the best news I’ve ever gotten in my life…you’re pregnant!  Nine months and 40 pounds later, Margot Kate Pennington was born (happiest day ever).  I remember wearing my maternity jeans home from the hospital and wondering when would I ever fit in my regular jeans again.  Three months later I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.  Through some awesome fate I found Kristin after doing an online search for boot camps in Sac.  After that first class where I could not make it to the corner and back twice, could not hold plank for 50 seconds, could not do a real push-up AND thinking I might have to pull over to throw up on my way home, I came back!  I just kept coming back again and again.  One month rolled into another and another and here it has been 6 months and I’m TWO pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight (which fyi, my doctor told me was too lofty of a goal).  And, I have officially gotten into a dress that I was dying to wear to a wedding in September that didn’t zip up after Margot was born.  I zipped it up just the other day, enough said. 

All of this is thanks to Kristin.  I could not have done it without her cheerful face working my butt out three days a week.  I’ve even been motivated to take tennis lessons and run on occasion with my husband.  I like being in shape and it feels really good to have a goal and to have met it.  It is so easy to say “I’ll go to the gym today or I’ll do the Jillian Michaels DVD today” and have excuses for not doing those things.  But, when my alarm goes off in the morning, I know Kristin is on T Street waiting with a smile and encouraging words to help us all achieve our goals. 

         Jennifer before:                                 Jennifer after: